Think Autism. Think Cure.


Recommended Physicians


Dr. Cheryl Leuthauser, D.O. – Dr. Cheryl is a DAN! physician in the Cleveland, Ohio are. She specializes in NAET and does great things for our kids on the spectrum.

Dr. Allen Lewis, MD– Dr. Lewis is a pediatrician and certified DAN! physician in the Columbus, Ohio area.  He was previously at the Pfeiffer Institute in Chicago, Illinois. 

Dr. Barbara Singer, DO– Dr. Singer is a DO that has taken DAN! courses and is treating autism using complentary medicine. Dr. Singer is in Carroll, Ohio just outside of    Lancaster.

Dr. Dan Rossignol MD– Dr. Rossignol is a DAN! physician in Melbourne, Florida.

Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy


Genesis COOR OT, ST, PT

Carr Center–      The Carr Center has provided services to individuals with disabilities and their families for over 50 years. A non-profit organization, the center depends upon the support of our community to maintain and grow quality programs to meet the needs of adults and children with disabilities, when these needs cannot be met in another way.

Horseback Riding Therapy


Carr Center Special Riders


Dietary Intervention Resources

Sweet Meadows–  Local grocer offering organic foods, gluten free, casein free foods.

Raisin Rack  Locally owned Raisin Rack Natural Food Market offers a wide variety of organic groceries, gluten-free foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meats, vegan, beverages, water, and bulk grains, nuts, seeds and herbs. Raisin Rack also stocks a complete selection of supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbals and personal-care products from major national brands.

Whole Foods 

Below is a link to other autism resources including a link to the National Autism Association.